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Coconut Summer

10 Reasons Why And How to Use Coconut Oil
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Coconut is the smell of summer, don’t you think? At least, most tanning oils and after sun moisturizers smell like coconut which always reminds me of the sea and golden beaches…

Yes, summer is here and the sun will dry out your skin and hair.

And we all know that coconut oil (and the coconut itself) are full of goodness for our health, skin and hair. Coconut oil is practically a multi-tasker that will give wonderful taste to your food, take the frizz out of your hair, hydrate your skin, reduce premature signs of aging, cool down your high Pitta…

So, eat it, smudge it on all over and rejoice in the smell of summer!


Here are 10 ways to use this Nature’s gift this summer:

1. Protect your skin for the sun

Coconut oil actually has a natural SPF of 4 - which is not a lot, yet coconut oil also contains antioxidants to remove toxins from the skin. So give your skin a little extra protection every day without having to slather on a thick white sunscreen.

2. Heal your skin after the sun

Coconut oil is even better for your skin after the sun than it is before the sun. Sometimes those hot rays can leave our skin red and flaky if we get too much of it. That is when coconut oil comes to rescue and puts moisture back into your skin.

3. Prevent dry and damaged hair

Summer is full of water fun and that means a lot of salt and chlorine in your hair. Having a solid summer haircare routine is crucial to prevent sun damage and breakage. Add a little bit of coconut oil to your locks before you hit the beach or pool for extra moisture and protection. If you really want to keep the sun off your hair, mix in a bit of Argan oil for even more SPF power.

4. Keep the bugs away

Believe it or not, you can actually create your own bug repellent this summer. To keep the bugs away you can mix coconut oil with a few drops of an essential oil such as peppermint, rosemary or tea tree. Apply straight to skin to keep mosquitos and other summer pests at bay. Already got bit? No worries, coconut oil also is great at reducing the itching sensation, plus it creates a seal over the bite to keep out dirt and bacteria.

5. Avoid shaving cuts and bumps

Chemical shaving creams are the WORST. This summer, let’s ditch the poison for some good coconut oil instead! It works great as a pre-shaver and will give you a smooth finish without any nicks. Make a great after shave moisturizers too, so apply before and after shaving for the best results.

6. It makes a perfect eye cream

If the skin under your eyes is dry and dark use coconut oil to get rid of the problem. Dab a little oil on cotton and massage the skin under your eyes before going to bed.

7. It Is also the best ever exfoliator

Add a little oil to three tbsp of sugar. Mix both the ingredients and use it as a body scrub to remove dead skin and to give in that radiant look.

8. Makes your teeth white

Coconut oil makes your teeth white too. Add a drop or two to your toothpaste and brush your teeth. You can also do oil pulling (swishing oil in your mouth) with coconut oil.

9. It is great as a massage oil.

If you are a Pitta, you should use it for your daily self-massage (Abhyanga). But even if you are Vata or Kapha, massage coconut oil into your scalp for cooling in the summer heat.

10. Use it for cooking.

Ok, you may already do so, Natural coconut oil fives a wonderful tang to your dishes, but if you do not like your lentils smelling of coconut, you can use odorless coconut oil. Whatever, coconut is THE best cooking oil as it is liquid when hot and hardens when cool. It behaves like butter actually, so you can replace butter with coconut oil for healthier and more exotic dishes.

What do you use coconut oil for? Share with us your recipes and ideas!

About the author

Irina Bachvarova

Yoga Guru

Master in Sports Pedagogic and director at Bulgarian Ashtanga Yoga Academy.

Irina is the author of the first Bulgarian book for Ashtanga Yoga and trusted Yoga Guru for TV series, produced by Bulgarian National Television.

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