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March 2020

Foods for your Spring Shopping list

Discover what foods are recommending for your spring shopping list, according to Ayurveda.

Find the food that will best keep you fresh and energized by balancing Kapha in the mud season of early spring.

February 2020

10 Ayurvedic remedies for constipation

Do you often have headaches, bad breath, acidity? Do you often feel lethargic, lacking energy and irritable? How about being bloated and constantly fatigued?

The first question you should ask yourself is when did you last visit the WC for number 2? If your answer is the day before yesterday or even just yesterday, then you need emergency Ayurveda constipation remedies. Here are the best 10 of them.

November 2020

Alkaline Diets - What’s the big fuss

Alkaline diets are popular among dieting health-oriented people. Still, as much as the pH balance of the body is important, are alkaline diets really necessary or are they just a new fad?

February 2020

Do You Drink the Right Amount of Water?

While we all know that we have to drink enough, no one is actually sure what enough is. Even doctors are constantly arguing about the right amount a person should consume.

October 2019

Balancing Vata dosha in fall

How do we eat during stress and upset mood that is so characteristic in the vata-fall?

During the fall season when the weather becomes colder and the sun isn’t as often a daily companion, Vata dosha dominates. Balancing Vata with proper food is essential to our autumn health and general wellness in the colder months.