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March 2020

Foods for your Spring Shopping list

Discover what foods are recommending for your spring shopping list, according to Ayurveda.

Find the food that will best keep you fresh and energized by balancing Kapha in the mud season of early spring.

December 2019

To coffee or not to coffee?

Coffee is an inseparable part of the day for many of us, but do you know the pros and cons beyond your favorite caffein drink? Learn here about its risks and benefits, and how to drink it the Ayurvedic way.

November 2019

Beet and Apple fennel salad

Earthy beets, sweet apple and unmistakable flavor of fennel all dressed with a flavorful vinaigrette and topped with orange juice & nuts dressing. It’s a flavor sensation!

March 2019


Especially in households where each person is a different dosha, these spice mixes called "churnas" can help balance out meals that are either tri-doshic or, say, too Vata for the Kapha in the family. Sprinkle these on foods for a touch of flavour that your body will thank you for!

March 2019

Lentil Soup

Lentils are often overlooked, even though they’re an inexpensive way of getting a wide range of nutrients. They help to reduce blood cholesterol since it contains high levels of soluble fiber. Packed with B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and potassium, lentils are also a great source of iron, a mineral that is sometimes lacking in vegetarian diets.

So here is one easy to do,cheap and tasty way to incorporate them in your diet.

November 2018

Foods that suppress Kapha Dosha

Intake of these 9 food groups will support your efforts to stay in perfect health, maintain ideal body weight and have a balanced life if you have a large amount of Kapha dosha!