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Categories: Yoga

April 2020

Habits of Mind and Habits of Body

Yoga, as a science and discipline of mind and body, is incredibly rich, diverse and complex. This complexity tends to get quite lost on Western practitioners, focusing mostly on Hatha Yoga as a physical practice of body and sometimes breath. Hatha is, in fact, only the first step, although it lies at the heart of the psychological transformation which is the true fabric of an authentic and transformative yoga practice.

March 2020

Let's ask Krishnamacharya

In today's yoga, everybody seems to have an opinion of how things should be done. For a beginner it might be quite confusing to make their way through the various types of instructions which often are quite contradictory.

March 2020

Why you can't touch your toes & how to do it

Not being able totouch your toes may not be the worst tat can happen to you, yet it can be annoying when you are faced with tasks like tying shoe-laces or picking a dropped object from the floor. It is even more disturbing when you are seemingly the only one in yoga class who is sweating her guts out in vain attempts to reach forward in Paschimottanasana or have to stick your butt in your neightbours nose in orer to be at leas a little close to Uttanasana...

February 2020

Why Yoga Isn't About Being Flexible!

Yoga, as it seems, is most commonly associated with stretching. Modern yogis themselves put a lot of significance on stretching and becoming more flexible. Yet, yoga doesn’t care about your flexibility. What yoga is concerned about though is steadiness, ease, and relaxation.

June 2019

Music During Your Yoga Practice: Do or Don’t?

Mantras and yoga have a long and interwoven history. But using music other than mantras during a yoga practice? Well, not everybody agrees on that. Some feel that it is too distracting or that it takes away from traditional yoga. I would like to argue that it can really add something extra to your practice, both for you and your students, as the stillness of the mind does not necessarily go hand in hand with silence.

March 2019

3 yoga poses to help balance your Kapha

Kapha dosha, a combination of the elements of earth and water, rules the springtime.

Now that spring is upon us, we may begin to see excess kapha showing up in the form of mucus in the lungs, lethargy and sleepiness, weight gain, slow digestion, and low energy.

Here are 3 yoga poses and one sequence(sun salutation) to help balance your Kapha...

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