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The burnout antidote

iUveda is a mobile app which aims to improve your wellbeing by curating meditation, yoga and nutrition based on your Dosha profile

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Why iUveda?

iUveda is a wellbeing mobile application that supports the individuals in their path to balanced life and better performance
Based on AI, iUveda is a personalized guru app who will help you avoid burnout, lower stress and address panic attacks

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an in-depth science of life and a holistic approach to healing. The term itself is formed by two words: “Ayur” which means “life” and “Veda” which is translated as “science” or “knowledge”.

Ayurveda connects each individual’s life with the life of the Universe. Our body is in constant interaction with our mind, conscious, subconscious, environment and other people. The

How it works

1. Download iUveda app
2. Take Dosha test and find your Dosha type
3. Based on your Dosha type start curated meditation, nutrition and yoga exercises.
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iUVeda shortens the Ayurveda learning curve and I am excited how technology can help an ancient technique become so easy to use for new generations. I suggest every skeptic to give it a try and experience the immediate benefits of implementing it.

Irina Bachvarova
Master in Sport Pedagogic Director at Bulgarian Ashtanga Yoga Academy.

iUVeda covers all aspects of Ayurveda methodology and translates all techniques to very simple steps how each individual can improve their well-being. We strongly recommend it for everyone who wants to start living a healthier life.

Slavomir Slavov
Veda House owner

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What makes iUveda different?

iUveda is a mobile application, providing access to a set of personalized holistic life guidelines and a wellbeing community.


Guided sessions in videos, general information in articles and course suggestions tailored for your needs.


Videos, courses and audio available for every need.


Possibility to add all needed notifications and alarms including – taking supplements, cooking and eating, doing meditation and

Personal advisor

Access to experts in yoga, Ayurveda gurus, nutrition specialist and meditation leaders

Your Dosha profile

Answer a short 3min Dosha test and you are going to get a personal advisor for yoga, meditation and nutrition.


Suggestions for daily nutrition, recipes and diets in correspondence with personal needs.


Access to a community activities, information and social interactions will give you the support you need through out this life c

Daily log

Ability to log physical, mental conditions, moods and dreams - turning it into easy-to-consume reports of your condition and pro
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